Tested by the best; The owner, Sensi Graves, is a full-time kiteboarder and water sports enthusiast. She is constantly looking for a bathing suit that would perform when she is kite surfing. Every bikini get tested by her and here teamriders to make sure it don’t slip! They don’t slip; Sensi Graves Bikinis are made […]

Our 2017 Collection is live on the site! And one of our favorites, our palm print, will be sure to give you a much needed dose of sunshine and inspire thoughts of tropical escapes and surf destinations. It’s the perfect print for listening to warm breezes rustling the palm leaves as you watch for the […]

We’re happy to be able to bring this flirty brand to Europe, but the roots of Sensi Graves Bikinis lie in the US. KiteSista magazine wrote about Girls in Business and met Sensi Graves, owner and designer of Sensi Graves Bikinis. Although 3 years old, right at the start of the bikini adventure, here you’ll […]

We are super excited to launch Sensi Graves Bikinis Europe. After 3 years of Sensi Graves Bikinis in the US, it was time to get this super flirtatious brand overseas. Sensi Graves Bikinis Europe is here to give our European customers shorter delivery times, cheaper delivery costs, quicker customer service. And of course we hope […]