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We are super excited to launch Sensi Graves Bikinis Europe. After 3 years of Sensi Graves Bikinis in the US, it was time to get this super flirtatious brand overseas. Sensi Graves Bikinis Europe is here to give our European customers shorter delivery times, cheaper delivery costs, quicker customer service. And of course we hope to color every European beach with our bikinis next summer!

Sensi who?

As a full-time kiteboarder and water sports enthusiast, Sensi was constantly looking for a bathing suit that would perform at the same high level that she did. After countless slip-ups and lost tops, she decided to create a suit that would provide support and functionality while remaining fun and flirty. Seeking to bring greater functionality and fun to bathing suits, she started Sensi Graves Bikinis; where she pursues her vision of swimwear that is feminine and strong, supportive yet fun and playful.

Sensi Graves Bikinis are made to stay put while kiting, surfing, doing yoga on the beach or digging a volleyball. Whether learning a new handle pass or duck diving the North Shore, our suits keep up with you.

Shop the last of our limited 2015 collection right here, and stay tuned for the launch of the complete 2016 Spring collection end of December. Looking forward to meeting you in our shop!

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